Radical Library

Since Mid 2017 New Roots has hosted its own Radical Lending Library. This is a collection of books, magazines, journals and other media which contain themes of societal change from the source of problem. Expect to find material on Ecology, Feminism, Marxism, Anarchism, Prison Liberation, Anti-Racism, Philosophy, Economics, Animal Liberation and much more.

Anyone is welcome to use and borrow from the collection: there are no fees, fines or registrations. All you need to do is leave a record of what you have borrowed, when you borrowed it, and an anonymous contact detail. This will only ever be used to keep up to date with our books and send periodic reminders if a book has not been returned after a month.

We also host free monthly reading groups on the second monday of every month. These are generally on short, free to read, newspaper article length papers or book chapters. To find out more, please follow New Roots Radical Library on facebook, or email NewRootsRadicalLibrary@Riseup.net for copies and information on our reading group schedule.

Browse our full catalogue here: